September 2014, I dropped my Chemical Engineering major and learned how to code for the first time.
October 2014, I attended the Grace Hopper Conference, where I got an internship with Verizon.
October 2014-May 2015, I travelled to every hackathon I could (and in February, helped host my school's first MLH-sanctioned one).
December 2014 I joined CWRU Hacker Society's executive board as PR Chair and began planning CWRU's 2015 Grace Hopper trip.
By the time March 2015 rolled around, I was ready to quit my reliable (albeit deadend) part-time job as a barista to pursue my own private web consulting and design business.
After developing design and social media skills, among others, January 2016 I finally moved on from contracting. After a late-night Eureka moment, I built the first Cado.
After winning three competitions with my technology and business plan, I launched Avocado Wearables, LLC in May 2016.

After moving from Arizona to Georgia to New York and then to Ohio, I’ve finally settled (for now) in San Francisco, California where I work on the Release Management team at Salesforce. On weekends you can either find me sailing, working on Avocado or playing with dogs.

Two years ago I learned how to code. Since then, I've realized that technology can be every bit as creative as playing the violin, writing or doodling. I haven't looked back for a second and feel incredibly lucky to be doing what I love every day- and I'm incredibly motivated to share the glittery world of code with those around me. #CWRU2017

Github: K4therin2
LinkedIn: KatherineCass
Twitter: Katherine_CaSs
Facebook: Katherine Cass
Medium: KatherineCass
Instagram: Katherine_Cass

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